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Posted on 11-03-2008
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Thank you, Tony! And just having listened to the 5 minutes, the question actually is: Who interviewed whom? [display_podcast]

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Posted on 09-03-2008
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Just gave with Mingyeow Ng at SXSW  to about 200 early risers the Sunday 10AM presentation The Science of Designing Interactions 

“The Science of Designing Interactions” is a highly interactive session where together with the audience, we will co-create the next generation of metrics for engagement and interaction. We start with fun paradoxes of user behavior, exposing the systematic irrationalities of human decision making, and show their fundamental impact on designing interactions and incentives.

We then present metrics and methodologies used by companies to engage and entice users to contribute data through interactions with the site (e.g., Amazon.com) and with each other (e.g., Facebook):

  • Create strong and weak virality: Leverage the latest insights into viral engagement and corresponding metrics;
  • Model users in a scientific way: Do bold experiments and learn fast from results;
  • Engineer for feedback: Nail the incentives and interactions for both implicitly captured and explicitly expressed feedback.

This session is about co-creation. We provide a framework and start you off, and you provide the fuel to take the group to insights none of us had before. Please share your examples, and let us co-create the key ingredients for the next generation of relevant metrics for engagement and interaction that will help you reach your goal of getting passionate users.

Dan Hon created on awesome quick writeup, and we have uploaded the slides (pdf) and mp3 (55MB) of the 60-minute presentation. Any feedback ist most welcome — please comment!

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