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Posted on 09-12-2008
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In this heated discussion recorded on a freezing trolley ride at the annual Monitor Talent meeting, Dan Ariely, Alaina Love, and Andreas Weigend debate the irrationalities in customer decision making:

  • How can you “instrument the world” (Weigend) to capture these irrationalities via the plethora of digital traces users leave behind (“attention stream”, Weigend)?
  • What are the underlying principles to design incentives (“The Contract”, Ariely) such that consumers share with you valuable information about their intentions?  (“Valuable to Whom?!?”, Love). And, to what degree do people actually know what they want?
  • How can companies delight customers by helping them discover items they are genuinely interested in?
  • And by capturing rich interactions in addition to mere transactions: How can “move upstream” (Weigend) to delight and truly support the decision making process of the customer?

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