: Getting ready for the Social Data Lab :

Hi Social Data Revolutionaries!

In ramping up for the Social Data Lab launch in April, several small but interesting events are taken place that are relevant for some of the social data startups.

To get envolved, start by tweeting some questions you might have in this era with the tag #socialdata, take a peek at http://bit.ly/socialdatalab, and check out the events this and next week:

1. Stanford High-Tech Club Brown Bag Lunch

Thursday, Feb 17, 12 noon – 1:00 pm

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Room S170

“The Power of Social Data: Big Opportunities with Big Data”


2. Stanford Symbolic Systems Forum

Thursday, Feb 17, 3:30 pm

Stanford Building 460, Room 126 (followed by refreshments in 460-040)

“How the Social Data Revolution Changes (almost) Everything”

Andreas Weigend and Barney Pell will discuss:

• Who we are (mobile technologies, identity and privacy),

• How we interact (social technologies),

• How we decide (behavioral economics), and

• Why we share (incentive design, future of work).


3. SF New Tech Special Event: ”The Social Data Revolution!”

Wednesday, Feb 23, 5:30 pm drinks and free tacos, 7 pm talk and panel

Mighty, 119 Utah Street (at 15th Street), San Francisco, CA 94103

http://bit.ly/SocialDataSFNewTech (free tickets with code 01sdr-vipcomp)

You will get to meet lots of like-minded people and founders in these events, from the most forward thinking MBA students at GSB, to some super innovative startups in the social data space, including the CEOs of Skout and Wikinvest, the CTO of SimpleGeo, and some top VCs. So, come join me, introduce yourself and let me introduce you to other great people in these events.

PS: Remember the power of social recommendations? Do you know three people who are awesome in the social data space? I would deeply appreciate if you forwarded this post to them. Let them check out the events, tell them about the awesome MS&E 237 course at Stanford next quarter, have them talk to me. Thanks!

Andreas Weigend

(650) 906-5906