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This keynote, given on February 19, 2009 at Predictive Analytics World shows how predictive models can benefit from the Social Data Revolution [pptx | mp3]

Abstract:Technology affords companies unprecedented opportunities to interact with customers and employees. In any of these interactions, data is created. Yet most firms neither capture nor fully utilize those data to impact their bottom line and strengthen relationships with their customers. Product recommendations and behavioral targeting are early examples of leveraging new sources of data to predict customer behavior and preferences. The next iteration of these interactions, for example mobile phones, empowers owners to access richer data and discover new opportunities – with the possible inclusion of location data that enables companies to predict mobility patterns for marketing and planning purposes. Learn from the former Chief Scientist of Amazon.com how to create a comprehensive data strategy through:

  • Leveraging the data you’re already collecting, but not using
  • Identifying data that you could and should be collecting
  • Transforming data to next-generation predictive intelligence

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