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: 2016 :

05Oct Wed SFO 0900 UA1958.7A 1445 IAH 1540 UA168.2A 1637 AUS

06Oct Thu AUS Cengage AUS 1455 UA5796.3D 1654 SFO

07-09Oct Fri-Sun SFO Fest

28Oct Fri SFO 1239 UA797.21A 1413 SAN

05Nov Sat SAN 1025 UA334.21A 1150 SFO

15Nov Tue SFO 1925 LX39.4A

In the Bay Area. The Social Data Revolution course meets Tue 3:30-6:30. Coming up: next week the head of Data Science of Yelp will come to class with 5 product managers for a design thinking exercise, then and a conversation between a former spy (and also ex CTO or Network Solutions) and a former student (also CTO of a fascinating startup) sharing his experiences working as data scientist for a special unit in Afghanistan on predicting explosions and money laundering. We will have the CEO of a blockchain company discussing how recording everything changes everything, and end the semester with one or the people who change the world by bringing social data to travel (Expedia), real estate (Zillow) and jobs (Glassdoor). Videos of all the classes are posted on youtube. And to learn more about "Data for the People" (published in January), follow @ourdata on Twitter for bite-sized pieces. My mobile: +1 (650) 906-5906. Email:

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