SingTel Workshop:
Social Data and Customer Centricity



Andreas Weigend, PhD
Social Data Lab and


16-18th July 2012

Meritus Mandarin, Singapore
Level 8, Meeting Suite 834




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Day 1: DATA
Monday, 16th July 2012

10:45am        Coffee and Tea Reception

11:00am        Welcome and Expectations by Allen Lew

11:15am        Opening Remarks: Data and PHAME

Andreas debunks the 3 myths of big data and describes how the old world-view of companies capture, store and process data is changing to one where customers create and share. He describes the PHAMEwork (Problem Hypothesis Action Metrics Experiment) and shares the importance of thoughtful metrics and experimentation. Participants will also be invited to give brief introductions and to comment on their individual objectives for the workshop.

12:15pm        Rules and Deliverable for Breakout Session

Description of problem and expected outcomes of breakout groups

12:30pm        Breakout Session
Participants develop a concrete solution to a relevant, specific customer problem their team defined: If you had all of the world's data at your fingertips, how would you delight your customers with that?

1:45pm          Presentation of Results

Each team gets 5 minutes to crisply present results to the others

2:30pm          Non-social Recommendation Systems
How recommendation systems have evolved over time from manual merchandising to Amazon-style "item by item" filtering based on click data

3:00pm          Social Recommendation Systems and Social Commerce

The social data revolution is at its essence the evolution from implicit to explicit sharing. What does the future of recommendation systems based on social data look like?

3:30pm          Feedback

Participants are invited to reflect on what was the best insight, what was the most puzzling and what they felt was missing from the day

3:50pm          Summary and Preview of Day 2

The day can be summarized by the 4 C's of Commerce: Content, Context, Connection and Conversation

TBD Dinner with Andreas:

Dinner for those interested in the how different companies leverage social data, and how to build a data science team and cultivate passion in data

Tuesday, 17th July 2012

10:45am        Coffee and Tea Reception

11:00am        Equations of the Business: A Customer Centric Framework

What is the shift from business intelligence to customer intelligence? How do companies make the shift and formulate the new equations of business? How do we prepare for the new paradigm of everything about the customer and by the customer?

11:30pm        Panel Discussion
We've invited eight amazing visionary young Singaporeans who will bring the participants into a world of unconstrained access to data, share their views on digital life, express their opinions on the future of work, and discuss how they (want to) discover everything from content to people. Some of the questions posed will be: Do you have fear of missing out? How do you find out about cool stuff? What makes up your friends' reputation? Why do your friends love to share?

12.30pm        Breakout over Lunch

Panelists will pick a topic close to their heart, and participants will pick the panelist they want to join for discussion. Expect interesting ideas to be generated!

1:45pm          Presentation of Results

2:30pm          Privacy and Identity

Privacy started with cities. And ended with Facebook? Are we what we share? Do we know who we are based on where we go (geo-location) and who we hang out with (social graph)? What is the price of privacy, what are the trade-offs between privacy and convenience? Underlying is a deep notion of identity: Has it shifted from being based on attributes to being based on relationships?

3:45pm          Feedback and Commitments

Participants are invited to reflect on what they learnt from the panelists and from each other today. What will they do differently, starting tomorrow?

4.30pm          Summary and Preview of Day 3
Panelist provide feedback and reflect on what, if anything, they felt was missing from the day.

Wednesday, 18th July 2012

10:45am        Coffee and Tea Reception

11:00am        Communication (Interaction Design, Expectations, Incentives)

In 1999, the book "Cluetrain Manifesto" commented that markets are conversation. A decade later, conversations are markets. How will communication fundamentally change in the social data revolution?

11.30am        Monetization of Data / Business Models Based on Social Data

There is an emergence of social business models that are leverages identity. What could SingTel's role be in this new trend? We'll discuss what "data ownership" means, and what it could mean.  

12.30pm        Breakout over Lunch

Participants are invited to carry out one of several thought experiments, e.g.,  Assume nobody paid for calls any more, how would SingTel make money?

1:30pm          Summary of the three days

We revisit the problems of day 1 to see how attitude of participants has shifted.

1:45pm          The Art of Social Data

Timing TBD: Dinner with all participants