Explore how Thomson Reuters businesses can do more to gather and leverage the usage of data across all major product and service lines.

Focus will be on online user behavior, in the context of both search and transactional platforms.

This is designed to be a deeper dive than the corporate event we did 2 years ago, and the outcome would be a high level plan for instrumenting our platforms and warehousing the data.

Since we last met, progress has been made in the collection and exploitation of usage data, but only in the context of Westlaw, based on work done by my R&D group. Given the heterogeneous nature of our content collections and data feeds, not all of this work is readily transferable to other domains, nor are the rest of the businesses as sophisticated as Legal in the way they track and analyze user behavior.

11 October 2010 (Sunday)
1730 Meet at Royalton Lobby
1815 Dinner

12 October 2010 (Monday)
0900 Intro PEJ
  • Why are we here: Discover and frame great opportunities
0915 Kick-off-talk
  • Data
    • Purpose: to support decision making (examples)
    • Value / economics: (GPS, pharma)
    • Amount, challenges
    • Data mining, and its limitations
  • Data strategy
  • The PHAME Framewok
    • Problem, Hypothesis, Actions, Metrics, Experiment), vs traditional data mining
  • Metrics (Instrumenting pages, instrumenting people, instrumenting world)
1000 Problem definitions, rich metrics, and data participants
  • What is each attendee is doing, or planning to do
    • Problems tackled
    • Associated metrics
    • Corresponding data (and status)
  • Additional data sources (including search and location)
  • How is such data being used, or how would you like to use it?
1030 Break
1100 Tracking and Aggregating Transactional Data.

Goal: Create information products (scalable and sellable)

  • What is our trading, messaging and other exchange-like platforms doing to aggregate and analyze transactions?

Analyzing user data (e.g., search). Goal: Better user experience

  • What could other search and software platforms be doing in this space to provide customers with analytics?

Lunch Make-people-think-talk: Why the Social Data Revolution changes (almost) everything

(Will be opened up for additional relevant parties, Web 2.0 people of TR)

Social data vs. Social media


Define breakout session: What problems do we want data to solve? What data do we need for that?

  • Joint process of defining topics, rally other participants to solve what you need

Break out


Rapporteurs back to group


Collecting questions for 1530 session

1510 Coffee

How do we get and store the data we need?

Prep (to avoid falling into holes): 2 HBS papers

  • What are the obstacles, mis-matches in expectations, and other risk factors?

Action plans wrap up

  • Focus on action plans to leverage user data or advance the state-of-the-art within Thomson Reuters

End of workshop





13 October 2010 (Tuesday)

Breakfast at Royalton PEJ, ASW

Follow-up meetings
  • 1100-1200 Meeting 1
  • 1230-1400 Meeting 2 Informal lunch (Cafeteria)
  • 1430-1600 Meeting 3