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: 2015 :

01Aug Sat UCB CDIPS Data Science Workshop

06Sep Sun ZRH 1720 LX1622.8A 1815 MXP 2230 QR122.3A

07Sep Mon arr 0535 DOH 0615 QR1363.3A JNB 1345

08Sep Tue JNB Customer Council

09Sep Wed JNB BMW 2015.B SA369 2225 CPT

10Sep Thu CPT Naspers

11Sep Fri CPT 1010 SA1241.5A 1250 HDS Kruger

13Sep Sun HDS 1200 SA1226.5A 1300 JNB 1515 QR1360.3A

14Sep Mon arr 0035 DOH 0205 QR59.3A MUC 0700

15Sep Tue MUC BMW

16Sep Wed MUC 1600 LH458.6A 1900 SFO

19Sep Sat SFO Hacking Marketing with Wearables

22Sep Tue UCB Class 1 "Social Data Revolution" (22Sep-03Nov Tue 3:30-6:30) ischool.berkeley.edu/courses/i290a-sdr bit.ly/sdr2015dates

29Sep Tue UCB Class 2

02Oct Fri SJC Silicon Valley Data Safari

04Oct Sun SFO

05Oct Mon LHR arr

06Oct Tue LON Cognizant

07Oct Wed LON Eric Sun

13Oct Tue UCB Class 3

15Oct Thu UCB lasertalks.com

20Oct Tue UCB Class 4

27Oct Tue UCB Class 5

03Nov Tue UCB Social Data Summit with Course Project Presentations

04Nov Wed SFO 1100.3 UA1273.3A 1417 OGG

04-06Nov Wed-Fri JHM Lobby

07Nov Sat OGG 1545 UA1288.2F 2235 SFO

12-13Nov Thu-Fri SFO WTF OReilly also panama

20Nov Fri LON Mega Trends

: 2016 :

14Feb Sun SFO 1046.3 UA567.21A 1300 YVR

15-19Feb Mon-Fri YVR TED

19Feb Fri YVR 1915.E UA498.21A 2126 SFO

05-06May Thu-Fri UCB DataEDGE

30Jul-06Aug Sat-Sat NTE Nachtreffen

01-05Sep Thu-Mon ASE renaissanceweekend.org

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