I'm based in San Francisco but my work takes me around the world. Click on an airport to see when I'll be there: ASE : BER : CPH : DEN : FRA : IAD : LAX : MRY : SFO : STR : UCB : VIE : YVR : ZRH : all dates

: 2017 :

07Jul Fri SFO 0925.3 UA431.21A 1256 DEN 1426 UA5421.18A 1518 ASE

07-10Jul Fri-Mon ASE Socrates (workshop, with Madeleine Albright)

10Jul Mon ASE 1705 UA5610.18A 1801 DEN 1855 UA257.21A 2039 SFO

12Jul Wed SFO Plug and Play webcast

13Jul Thu SFO Wine Tasting fb.com/events/1065861696880481/

18Jul Tue UCB Data Science Program

21Jul Fri SFO LAX

24-25Jul Mon-Tue LAX Northrop Grumman (workshop, keynote, panel)

26Jul Wed LAX SFO

09Aug Wed SFO Percolata (board meeting)

21Aug Mon SFO TwitTV

31Aug-04Sep Thu-Mon MRY www.renaissanceweekend.org

19Sep Tue IAD SE2 Insurance (keynote)

24Sep Sun SFO 1735.I SK936.6H

25Sep Mon arr 1315.3 CPH 1455.3 LH829.3F 1625 FRA

26Sep Tue FRA Goettingen Akademie der Wissenschaften (speech)

04-05Oct Wed-Thu BER BMVg (Cyber and Information workshop)

09-11Oct Mon-Wed STR Bosch (Kolloquium, Thermotechnik workshop)

11-15Oct Wed-Sun FRA Buchmesse

13-15Oct Fri-Sun FRA Nachtreffen

16Oct Mon STR Daimler (workshop)

24Oct Tue CPH Singularity University (keynote)

26Oct Thu FRA Murmann Symposium "2032 - Live aus der Digitalen Zukunft" wissenstransfertag-mrn.de/programm-2017-2/

31Oct Tue VIE 0940 LX1575.2A 1105 ZRH 1310 LX40.4A 1720 LAX

30Dec Sat LAX 1915 LX41.4A

31Dec Sun arr 1510 ZRH 1705 LX1582.2A 1825 VIE

10-14Apr Tue-Sat YVR TED

Back in San Francisco for two weeks!! My book "Data for the People" is now out both in the US and in Germany. Mobile: +1 (650) 906-5906. Email:

: by phone :

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