I'm based in San Francisco but my work takes me around the world. Click on an airport to see when I'll be there: AMS : ASE : EWR : ICN : JFK : MUC : NTE : NYC : PAO : PEK : PVG : SAN : SEA : SFO : UCB : YVR : ZRH : all dates

: 2016 :

23Jul Sat UCB School of Information

29Jul Fri PAO TechCrunch August Capital

30Jul Sat UCB Data Science Workshop

31Jul Sun SFO 1145.1 DL5738.2A 1357 SEA 1810.S DL144.3A

01Aug Mon arr 1300.D AMS 1455.C AF1793 1630 NTE

01-06Aug Mon-Sat NTE Nachtreffen

11Aug Thu MUC BMW

15Aug Mon AMS 0915.D UA71.3L 1130 EWR

18Aug Thu JFK 1149.5 B6_615.2A 1515 SFO

18Aug Thu PAO StartX Stanford

20Aug Sat SFO 1450 CA986.2A

21Aug Sun arr 1755 PEK

28Aug Sun PVG 1140.2 OZ362.3K 1430.M ICN 1640.A UA892.14K 1125 SFO

30Aug Tue UCB Berkeley_1

01-05Sep Thu-Mon ASE www.renaissanceweekend.org

06Sep Tue UCB Berkeley_2

13Sep Tue UCB Berkeley_3

20Sep Tue UCB Berkeley_4

27Sep Tue UCB Berkeley_5

04Oct Tue UCB Berkeley_6

07-09Oct Fri-Sun SFO Fest

11Oct Tue UCB Berkeley_7

18Oct Tue UCB Berkeley_8

25Oct Tue UCB Berkeley_9

28Oct Fri SFO 1239 UA797.21A 1413 SAN

05Nov Sat SAN 1025 UA334.21A 1150 SFO

15Nov Tue SFO 1925 LX39.4A

16Nov Wed arr 1540 ZRH

25Nov Fri PVG Fudan_1 Data Refineries

02Dec Fri PVG Fudan_2 Future of Work

09Dec Fri PVG Fudan_3 Future of Finance

16Dec Fri PVG Fudan_4 Data for the People

: 2017 :

10Jan Tue NYC US Book Launch

24-28Apr Mon-Fri YVR TED

In San Francisco through end-July, then Europe. And the first class of this fall's Social Data Revolution at UC Berkeley is at 3pm on Tuesday, Aug 30th. Mobile: +1 (650) 906-5906. Email:

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