I'm based in San Francisco but my work takes me around the world. Click on an airport to see when I'll be there: BKK : BOS : DEN : EGE : FRA : HAJ : KOA : LAX : MCO : PAO : PVG : SAN : SFO : YVR : all dates

: 2018 :

30Jun-03Jul Sat-Tue EGE Vail www.renaissanceweekend.org

04Jul Wed EGE 1320 UA5853.2A 1416 DEN 1855 UA257.20A 2029 SFO

06Jul Fri SFO Soft Power Curran bit.ly/SoftPowerSF

09Aug Thu SFO 1320 UA857.3A

10Aug Fri arr 1725 PVG

05Sep Wed PAO Percolata board meeting

09Sep Sun LAX 1905 LH451.86K

10Sep Mon Fri arr 1450 FRA

08Oct Mon HAJ 1030.A LH53.12A 1125 FRA 1350 LH464.82A 1750 MCO

09-10Oct Tue-Wed MCO Bank Administration Institute keynote

10Oct Wed MCO 1908.A B6_1152.10A 2204 BOS

11Oct Thu BOS Brandeis

13Oct Sat BOS 1637.C B6_19.2A 1957 SAN

14-21Oct Sun-Sun SAN Atlantis

21Oct Sun SAN 1320.2 UA5451.2A 1417.8 LAX 1640.7 UA1718.2A 1927 KOA

24-26Oct Wed-Fri KOA Hawaii Lobby 2018

12-14Nov Mon-Wed LAX WSJ D.LIVE Laguna Beach


29Dec Sat BKK Festival of Data and AI bkk1819.com

31Dec Mon BKK Housewarming and Happy New Year Party

: 2019 :

15-19Apr Mon-Fri YVR TED

At Renaissance Weekend in Colorado. Back in San Francisco on July 4. Mobile: +1 650 906-5906 (also FaceTime). Skype: aweigend. Email:

: by phone :

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