I'm based in San Francisco but my work takes me around the world. Click on an airport to see when I'll be there: BER : FRA : IAD : LAX : MRY : ORD : PAO : SEA : SFO : SJC : UCB : YVR : YYZ : all dates

: 2017 :

10Feb Fri IAD 1720.C UA340.4F 2029 SFO

15Feb Wed PAO Stanford Colloquium

15Feb Wed SFO 2250.I AC754.4F

16Feb Thu arr 0636.1 YYZ 1855.1 AC739.4A 2136 SFO

16Feb Thu YYZ CXOSync

17Feb Fri SFO TTI/Vanguard bit.ly/databigsmall

21Feb Tue SFO 1603.1 DL4626.2A 1815 SEA

25Feb Sat SEA 1400.A DL2949.2A 1639 LAX

01Mar Wed LAX Snapchat ourdata.com/tour

02Mar Thu LAX Los Angeles World Affairs Council ourdata.com/tour

02Mar Thu LAX 2005.7 UA283.21A 2135 SFO

07Mar Tue SFO Neustar

09Mar Thu PAO PARC Forum ourdata.com/tour

04Apr Tue SJC Futurecast

15Apr Sat UCB

23Apr Sun SFO 1040.3 UA685.21A 1300 YVR

24-28Apr Mon-Fri YVR TED

28Apr Fri YVR 1835.E AC556.18A 2128 LAX

30Apr-03May Sun-Wed LAX Milken Institute

08-10May Mon-Wed BER Re:Publica re-publica.com

25May Thu ORD Milliman Insurance

31Aug-04Sep Thu-Mon MRY www.renaissanceweekend.org

11-15Oct Wed-Sun FRA Buchmesse

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