I'm based in San Francisco but my work takes me around the world. Click on an airport to see when I'll be there: AMS : ASE : BER : CGH : CGN : EWR : GRU : GSB : IGU : IST : MUC : NTE : ORD : SEA : SFO : UCB : YVR : ZRH : all dates

: 2016 :

25Apr Mon CGN 1300.1 LH1987.12A 1405.2 MUC

28Apr Thu MUC 1600 LH458.12A 1855 SFO

30Apr Sat UCB Taiko caltaiko.org

06May Thu-Fri UCB DataEDGE bit.ly/SDRdemocracy

07May Sat SFO 1330 UA698.16A 1935.1 ORD 2055.3 UA845.7K

08May Sun arr 0950.3 GRU

11-12May Wed-Thu GRU www.vtexday.com

14May Sat CGH 1300 JJ3124 1438 IGU

16May Mon IGU Uniamerica "Data for the People"

17May Tue IGU 1250 JJ3558 1435 GRU 2220.3 UA844.1K

18May Wed arr 0730.1 ORD

18-20May Wed-Fri ORD Hyatt

21May Sat ORD 0935.1 UA1891.14K 1201 SFO

31May Tue SFO 1810 TK80.6K

01Jun Wed arr 1715 IST

06-08Jun Mon-Wed BER Future Finance Forum fundforuminternational.com

09Jun Thu BER www.esmt.org/etp

16Jun Thu IST 1305 TK79.2K 1625 SFO

30Jul Sat UCB Data Science Workshop

31Jul Sun SFO 1520.1 DL153.2A 1726 SEA 1810.S DL144.3A

01Aug Mon arr 1300.D AMS 1455.C AF1793 1630 NTE

30Jul-06Aug Sat-Sat NTE Nachtreffen

15Aug Mon AMS 0915.D UA71.3L 1130 EWR

30Aug Tue UCB Class1 sdr2016.com

01-05Sep Thu-Mon ASE www.renaissanceweekend.org

13Sep Tue UCB Class2 sdr2016.com

20Sep Tue UCB Class3 sdr2016.com

27Sep Tue UCB Class4 sdr2016.com

04Oct Tue UCB Class5 sdr2016.com

07-09Oct Fri-Sun SFO Fest

11Oct Tue UCB Class6 sdr2016.com

18Oct Tue UCB Class7 sdr2016.com

25Oct Tue UCB Class8 sdr2016.com

15Nov Tue SFO 1955 LX39.4A

16Nov Wed arr 1540 ZRH 1735 LX734.2A 1920 AMS

: 2017 :

06Apr Thu GSB classes begin

24-28Apr Mon-Fri YVR TED

06Jun Tue GSB classes end

Currently traveling in Germany. Will be back in SF on 28Apr. Mobile: +1 (650) 906-5906. Email:

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