I'm based in San Francisco but my work takes me around the world. Click on an airport to see when I'll be there: BSL : CHS : DME : EUR : EWR : FKB : FRA : LON : LUX : MAN : MOW : MRY : PEK : PVG : SAN : SFO : SHA : SJC : UCB : USA : YVR : ZRH : all dates

: 2016 :

25Oct Tue UCB last class sdr2016.com class this semester youtube.com/socialdatarevolution

26Oct Wed SJC Computer History Museum

28Oct Fri SFO 1239 UA797.21A 1413 SAN

29Oct-05Nov Sat-Sat SAN Cruise

05Nov Sat SAN 1025 UA334.21A 1150 SFO

07Nov Mon SFO 1355 UA58.6K

08Nov Tue arr 0945 FRA 1240 LH1446.2A 1750 DME

09Nov Wed MOW ES

10Nov Thu MOW Sberbank

12Nov Sat DME 1655 LH1445.2A 1830 FRA

13Nov Sun FKB Florian

14Nov Sun BSL Mom

15Nov Tue ZRH 1710 LX380.12A 1810 MAN

17Nov Thu MAN Peerius

18Nov Fri LON (anybody free for dinner?)

19Nov Sat FRA 1405 CA966.17A

20Nov Sun arr 0615 PEK

22Nov Tue PEK 1930 CA1857.13A 2140 SHA

25Nov Fri PVG Fudan_1 Data for the People

02Dec Fri PVG Fudan_2 Future of Work

09Dec Fri PVG Fudan_3 Future of Finance

16Dec Fri PVG Fudan_4 People for the Data

27Dec Tue PVG 1630 UA87.2L 1755 EWR 2140 UA3653.2A 2357 CHS

28-31Dec Wed-Sat CHS www.renaissanceweekend.org

: 2017 :

01Jan Sun CHS 1550 UA4144.3A 1753 EWR 1905 UA936.3A 2238 SFO

31Jan Tue USA bit.ly/weigend publication date

08-09Feb Wed-Thu LUX Digital Leaders

24-28Apr Mon-Fri YVR TED

08-10May Mon-Wed EUR Re:Publica

31Aug-04Sep Thu-Mon MRY www.renaissanceweekend.org

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