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: 2014 :

31Mar Mon PAO Stanford THINK29 Networks

02Apr Wed PAO Stanford THINK29 Data

03Apr Thu SFO 1400 DL5845.QMYIKJ.3D 1527 LAX 2255 AA215.1J

04Apr Fri arr 1445.2 GRU 1635.2 G3.2010.WYQDFV.17A 1802 SDU

06Apr Sun SDU 1247 G3.1027.WYQDFV.17A 1333 CGH

08Apr Tue GRU "Transforming Big Data into Decisions" (YouFindSolutions)

08Apr Tue GRU 2205 AA216.QMYIKJ.3A

09Apr Wed arr 0635 LAX 0955 AA2455.QMYIKJ.4F 1115 SFO

15Apr Tue JBK SDR Info Session ischool2014.wikispaces.com (202 South Hall, 3:30-6p)

16Apr Wed PAO THINK29 Tech1

21Apr Mon PAO THINK29 Tech2

23Apr Wed PAO THINK29 Tech3

26Apr Sat PAO Social Data Summit "Hacking Marketing" (10a-5p)

30Apr Wed PAO GSB Supply Chain gsb.stanford.edu/scforum/ser/conference/agenda.html

05May Mon PAO THINK29 Identity1

12May Mon PAO THINK29 Identity2

14May Wed PAO THINK29 Contagion1

17May Sat SFO LAX Pietro

18May Sun LAX Oli SFO

19May Mon PAO THINK29 Contagion2

21May Wed PAO THINK29 Security

28-29May Wed-Thu SYD World Business Forum

08Jun Sun MSP SFO

03-07Jul Thu-Sun MRY www.renaissanceweekend.org

22Jul Tue SFO 1355 KL606.3Q6ZQK.4A

23Jul Wed arr 0915 AMS

24-26Jul Thu-Sat AMS bit.ly/NaspersDataAMS Big Data Master Class (with Claudia Perlich)

27-28Jul Sun-Mon AMS FKB

02-09Aug Sat-Sat VRN La Villa

13-15Aug Wed-Fri AMS bit.ly/NaspersDataAMS Big Data Master Class Batch2

17Aug Sun AMS 0950 KL605.3Q6ZQK.4A 1145 SFO

28Aug Thu SFO 0830 UA710.E8XE3G.21A 1158 DEN 1320 UA6405.8A 1406 ASE

28Aug-01Sep Thu-Sun ASE www.renaissanceweekend.org

01Sept Mon ASE 1620 UA5500.E8XE3G.8A 1700 DEN 1850 UA864.21F 2033 SFO

23Sep Tue SFO 1255 AA193 1830 DFW 2005 AA321 2230 BJX

24-25Sep Wed-Thu BJX WOBI Innovation

26Sep Fri BJX 1340 AA1579 1605 DFW 1730 AA1536 1910 SFO

30Sep Tue JBK SDR1 www.ischool.berkeley.edu/courses/2014/fall#290A-3

07Oct Tue JBK SDR2

14Oct Tue JBK SDR3

21Oct Tue JBK SDR4

28Oct Tue JBK SDR5

04Nov Tue JBK SDR6

18Nov Tue JBK SDR7

25Nov Tue JBK SDR8

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