I'm based in San Francisco but my work takes me around the world. Click on an airport to see when I'll be there: HKG : JBK : LAS : LAX : MRY : PAO : PVG : SFO : SIN : SYD : SYR : YVR : all dates

: 2014 :

26Oct Sun PVG 1300.1 MU589.NTM28H 0930 SFO

28Oct Tue JBK SDR3 Future of Work, Learning bit.ly/ischool2014

29Oct Wed JBK EECS Fireside Chat with Max Levchin

03Nov Mon PAO DLD Lunch

04Nov Tue JBK SDR4 Future of Health, Travel bit.ly/ischool2014

05Nov Wed PAO Future Cast

10Nov Mon SFO Telstra dinner

11Nov Tue SFO 1315.3 UA541.IE9L7Q.21F 1444 LAX

13Nov Thu LAX IIR iirusa.com/futuretrends 2230.7 UA263.IE9L7Q.21A 2349 SFO

14Nov Fri JBK DataDialog

18Nov Tue JBK SDR5 Data Ownership bit.ly/ischool2014

21Nov Fri SFO SYD evening

23Nov Sun arr SYD

25Nov Tue SYD Rehearsal

26-27Nov Wed-Thu SYD Wired for Wonder

06Dec Sat arr HKG

09Dec Tue HKG Customer

: 2015 :

14-16Jan Wed-Fri SIN NTU

21Jan Wed LAS international Market Centers Keynote www.imcenters.com/

03-04Mar Tue-Wed SYR University Lecture

13-15Mar Fri-Sun SFO conference.quantifiedself.com/

15Mar Sun SFO 1046.I UA567.HQ79TF.21F 1300 YVR

16-20Mar Mon-Fri YVR TED

20Mar Fri YVR 1915.T UA498.HQ79TF.21A 2126 SFO

03Sep Thu SFO MRY renaissanceweekend.org

07Sep Mon MRY SFO

03Oct Sat SFO Horizons Foundation

In Shanghai , China mobile: +86 138 1818 3800. Back to Berkeley for the Future of Work on Tue! US cell: +1 650 906-5906. Email:

: by phone :

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