I work with both large companies and small startups.

Large companies come to me for my fresh perspective on their problems. My engagements range from speaking at leadership events to conducting brainstorming workshops. Recent examples include redesigning of one the world's largest loyalty programs, as well as creating best practices for the mobile strategy of a major retailer. I specialize in helping organizations absorb relevant insights based on data, mobile and social technologies.

My work with startups ranges from regular product review sessions where I teach what true customer centricity means to developing monetization strategies. Every startup I work with quickly realizes the power of data and experimentation, even at an early stage.

To both large companies and startups, I make available my extensive professional network and my specific expertise on metrics, incentives, and customer behavior.

: workshops :

My best engagements are done in focused workshops that span one to tthree days. During these workshops, I work with clients to solve specific business problems. My approach combines my experience and expertise with co-creation and active engagement. Example agendas for recent workshops include GDI, ThomsonReuters, and Nokia.

: recent engagements :

United Healthcare

I designed a one-day workshop to answer United Healthcare’s questions on how to use big data in their practice. We envisioned ways to leverage social, mobile and sensor technologies to achieve healthier lifestyles for their customers. We explored ways to increase trust from current members and to gain interest from potential new members by sharing data. (2012)


In my ongoing consulting relationship with Lufthansa, we are applying best practices in data science to their organization. State-of-the-art predictive analytics and insights into customer behavior drove the redesign of Miles and More, Europe’s largest frequent flyer program. [Discussion with Christoph Franz, CEO, at DLD 2012] (2008-present)


MasterCard hired the Social Data Lab for an innovation workshop on how social data can improve customer and merchant decision-making. Following the workshop, I was invited to give the keynote speech at the MasterCard International Advisory Boards 2013 meeting in London and the MasterCard Acquirer Forum in Paris. (2011-present)


Based on my work at Amazon, Alibaba founder and CEO Jack Ma hired me to advise the then-young e-commerce company on how to create a culture of transparency and data-driven decision-making. Subsequently, I was asked to review and redesign Alipay's data strategy with the goal of using their massive data sets to increase trust between Taobao buyers and sellers. (2004-present)


Singtel represented an opportunity to debunk the myths surrounding big data. I worked with the CEO and the Digital Life Group to reframe the telecommunication company’s approach to monetizing data. Through case studies, panel discussions and breakout sessions, this three-day intensive showed how to make data work for Singtel’s 480 million customers. (2012)

Otto Group

Seeking to inform their data science practice by the industry elite, Hamburg-based e-commerce Otto Group requested that I design a week-long “safari” through Silicon Valley. In-depth visits with executives of companies such as BV Capital, Google, Facebook, Zazzle, Adobe, Hitwise and Like.com proved to be an eye-opening lesson in digital economy. The 37 billion Euro retailer was so inspired by this unexpected learning value that they asked me to recreate the experience in China. (2007-2012)

Tata Consultancy Services

TATA Consulting Services regularly invites me to speak at their innovation events. TCS’s wide variety of clients have unprecedented access to customer data. I help them look beyond the hype of big data and explore emerging trends in predictive analytics and privacy. (2013)

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